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Radford Media Makes Podcasting Available to Everyone with New Community First Podcast Network

Radford Media Group has partnered with InterTech Media to launch new Community First Podcast Network, a distribution and monetization platform for audio podcasts. With this deal, Radford Media’s current podcast network, RMG Podcasts will merge into a new multi-media platform allowing community members to release and share their projects.

Radford Media Group’s Chairman/CEO Clay Radford said the partnership is a complement to RMG’s existing investments in digital media. Since acquiring KDKD & KXEA in 2018, Radford Media has made numerous acquisitions on the digital audio side as more listeners gravitate in that direction from traditional radio platforms.

Radford Media has reported a 112% increase in digital revenue so far in 2022. Radford commented on this accomplishment, “It has always been our goal to help as many local businesses reach, inform, and engage as many people as possible using all the new media that is now available. This will be the 3rd time we’ve had to relaunch our network because the demand for our podcasts from both the listeners and advertisers, keep out growing the capabilities we have.”

The partnership with InterTech Media will allow Radford to handle the large demand of bandwidth and additional support for more podcasts. Both RMG & InterTech look to have the Community First Podcast Network launched towards the end of May.

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