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RMG Podcasts Announces New Deal Partnering with National Broadcasts Companies and Tech Giants

On Friday, Radford Media Group’s Chairman/CEO Clay Radford announces branding changes for Radford Media’s podcast network. Radford shared that the network changing its name to RMG Podcasts will better streamline the overall branding of their digital assets. Earlier this year, Radford Media Group launched its digital marketing company, RMG Digital Creative.

Along with the name change, RMG will feature their podcasts on many new platforms including Audacy and iHeart while including currently platforms Apple, Google, Spotify, TuneIn, & Stitcher.

“Being featured on Audacy and iHeart podcast platforms is great for Radford Media because like in radio, they reach so many people across America. We can’t possibly reach that many people without being featured on their platforms. The more we reach the bigger opportunity we create for our advertisers.” Said Radford about the partnerships. “By October 1st, all of our podcasts will be available on all the platforms.”

RMG Podcasts includes a wide range of local and entertaining podcasts in the categories of public affairs, local sports, artist interviews, adult beverages and more.

Since launching their network, Radford Media podcasts have generated over 25,800 plays and downloads.

For more information on Radford Media Group, RMG Podcasts, or RMG Digital Creative, visit

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