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Radford Media Launches New Digital Creative Venture

Radford Media Group announced that it has launched its new digital venture RMG Digital Creative, a new division of the company that will help local businesses navigate the growing universe of digital marketing options. RMG Digital Creative will focus on designing and implementing fully integrated local digital marketing strategies to simplify the complex and constantly changing digital marketing landscape for local businesses. They will offer a number of products and services that enable local businesses to attract, activate, and engage targeted leads.

RMG Digital Creative is supported by a full-service digital agency, staffed with a team of experienced digital marketers. The company will also employ dedicated sales executives and campaign managers.

“RMG Digital Creative is a very important expansion of our company to the overall marketing solutions we provide,” said Radford Media Group Chairman and CEO Clay Radford. “Our goal is to provide our partners with informative, innovative, and engaging content across multiple platforms. As a small business ourselves, we can utilize the tools we have to help other small businesses grow and reach a larger audience.”

RMG Digital Creative is led by Amber LaBrunerie, who most recently served as Radio Marketing Consultant. LaBrunerie has pushed for the creation of effective integrated marketing solutions for small and medium size businesses. Her training and experience in this field will move the company forward with this new endeavor.

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