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Digital & Radio Advertising Breaking Numbers for Small Broadcast Group

For small market radio, maintaining revenue through the COVID-19 pandemic was not only the largest obstacle but also educating small businesses about digital advertising. For a young broadcast company in rural America, those challenges were magnified.

Only a year and half old when the pandemic started, Radford Media Group didn’t have much of their own numbers to look back on. Growing radio revenue and establishing digital opportunities was already in the business plan. Radford Media’s Chairman/CEO Clay Radford says the effects of the pandemic helped small businesses understand the importance of digital advertising which worked into Group’s strategy.

Radford Media Group’s 1Q to 2022 is a sign their plan is working to their favor.

Net revenue increased 14.4%, or $22,226, in the first quarter compared to Q1 2020 pre-pandemic. Total digital net revenue increased 122.42%. Digital now makes up 11% of Radford Media’s total net revenue.

Looking forward to the second quarter of 2022, Radford Media’s net revenue is expected to be between $169,000 and $190,000. For the full year 2022, net revenue is expected to come in between $725,000 and $745,000.

Radford Media Group operates 2 FM stations in West Central Missouri and RMG Digital Creative.

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